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Repalcement Axes Handles

I have the replacement handles for Gransfors Bruks axes in stock I try to have most of the model most of the time. Price is $30 plus postage ($8 to most of the USA)


My OEM and special order handles are low on stock and for the most part the best picked out. So for now I am only offering the Gransfors handles until I can get the custom handles I want produced. (you'll love them if I can get what I want, but it's slow going)

e-mail to order handles


We have replacement handles for all sizes of axes. We only use American hickory grade AA handles (Grades are AA,A,B,C). Our OEM handles are wax coated rather then varnish. Varnish is known to cause blisters with extended use of hand tools. Wood handles are best with linseed oil to maintain the wood and your hands.

We also offer replacement handles from the worlds finest axe maker, Gransfors Bruks. These handles are double the price of our other handles. The difference is in the workmanship. A GB handle can be installed and go and have great appearance and comfort in hand. The OEM replacement handles require additional sanding to get to that level of comfort and appearance. So for some folks the GB at twice the price is the better deal.

If you are ordering handles we hand pick our OEM handles so you don't get a bad one. These handles are of the highest quality wood, but manufactered at a fast pace and mistakes are made. We grade to 3 grades First choice is the best, with nicr straigh properly oriented grain. Our second choice handles are fine but not as good of grain orientation or have a small visible blemish. The third grade are handles that have other problems. And at this time we are not selling those to our customers.

So far we have never culled a Gransfors handle, every one is top notch. However, Gransfors handles are made specifically for gransfors heads, so could be too small for the eye in your head if it is not a GB. The OEM handles are made oversize so that they can be fitted to most heads. We can help you determine the correct handle for your axe.

Our OEM replacement handles first choice are $16 for axes, hatchets are $6.00.
Or for a second choice $12.00 for axe and $5.00 for hatchet
All Gransfors handles for axe or hatchet are $30 each
We sell the full line of Gränsfors Bruks axes

To order a handle we need to know the style (single bit, bouble bit, half hatchet etc) and weight.

We also have handles for many other hand tools. And in most cases a vintage tool is going to be much better then a modern tool. So look though grandpas garage before buying new tools. We can refurbish or you can do it yourself.

Adze, Spade, Hoe, shovel, hammer, sledge hammer maul etc. If it has a steel head on a wooden handle we probably can replace the handle.


e-mail for questions and additional pricing information.

  I will be adding a list of our instock handle sizes. Unitl them e-mail me and tell me what head you have and length you need