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EnZo Bushcraft Knives (Trapper, Camper, Elver)

New!!! We now stock the S30V and 12C27 Trapper blades

D2 flat grind finally back in stock

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EnZo Trapper Specs

Blade length: 95 mm
Blade width: 25 mm
Blade thickness: 3.6 mm
Total: 210 mm
Ground: Flat
Finish: Satin
Steel: D2

Please e-mail with questions or visit the store to purchase.

Enzo Trapper in O1 with scandi grind
Enzo Trapper O1

Enzo Trapper in D2 with flat grind

Enzo Trapper

Complete Enzo Trapper in D2 with flat grind

EnZo trapper knife

EnZo Elver Specs

Blade length: 85 mm
Blade width: 23 mm
Blade thickness: 3.6 mm
Total: 191 mm
Ground: Flat
Finish: Satin
Steel: D2 or O1

Enzo Elver D2 Flat Grind

EnZo Camper specs

Blade length: 125 mm (5 inches)
Blade width: 26 mm
Blade thickness: 3.6 mm
Total: 245 mm
Finish: Satin
Steel: D2 or O1

Please e-mail with questions or visit the store to purchase.

Enzo Camper

Enzo Camper

This is what a kit looks like loosly assembled.
Enzo Bushcraft knife EnZo Knives

When assembled you will trim down the rivet heads to near flush with the scales. The screw driver slots will then be gone. Using sand paper you will bring the rivet flush with the scales and do your additional sanding to your preferred feel and fit of the grip.

here is a completed knife
EnZo trapper knife

The following photos are to show trhe difference between the different models by laying them over each other.

Please e-mail with questions or visit the store to purchase.

From the top Enzo Camper in green unfinished micarta, Enzo trapper in Burgundy Micarta, , Enzo Elver in Birch. For your comparisons all of the grip photos are are these same grips
This is the elver grip on the trapper grip. you can see that the elver, although a shorter blade has made provisions for a larger hand the orginal trapper design.
Elver on top of camper .. I thought I had a photo of Camper on top of elver, but as you ca nsee here the Elver would not show up
Camper on top of Trapper
This is trapper on top of Camper. clearly the camper is a bigger grips in addition to being a bigger blade
trapper on top ov Elver,
trapper with sheath
without trapper in the middle for better comparision
All three knives together. the elver kit is loosely put together the trapper and Camper are completed knives
Trapper top side to show profile
camper topside to show profile
From top Campler, Trapper, Elver
Ever on top of trapper, camper above

Some visitors to the site clicked this link to see what a Bushcraft knife is. A Bushcraft knife is the primary tool for a person who practices the skill set of self sufficiency in "the bush". Don't confuse this with the survivalists of the 90's. It is a whole different mentality. The old survivalist were motivated by distrust of the government or society as a whole. No doubt bushcrafting has some of that thought with many people, but is more about yourself and developing the lost skills of the past. Making fire without matches, making shelter, etc. all with few or no tools, other then the bushcraft knife. It is a sport of sorts and attracts people from all walks of life. If you want to learn more, do an internet search there are many forums on the subject and countless youtube how-to videos.

A bit of an overview on the knife options. they are available in two blade steels O1 is the most popular steel type with Bushcrafters, and D2 probably the second most popular with Bushcrafters. But D2 is more popular then O1 for most other uses, because O1 is not a stainless steel, and D2 is moderately stainless.

The term "grind" refers to the blades style of taper from the body of the knife to the cutting edge. Bushcrafters like a Scandi grind because it gives the strong overall blade when doing things like splitting wood. A flat grind is preferred for most other tasks because the knife reaches its thickest point much higher on the blade so the knife passes through with less physical resistance. In short a hardcore bushcrafter normally wants an O1 scandi grind, but for a great general purpose knife then a D2 flat grind is my recommendation. Or better yet, one of each.

These knives are sold complete like any knife, but also sold as kits in the Bushcrafting spirit of doing it yourself. Only minimal tool are needed to complete your knife. Something to trim down the bolt heads (Dremel or a file etc) glue (super glue or epoxy) and wet/dry sand paper. You assemble your knife handle then shape it to what feels good in your hand. The kit come with sheath. (sanding the handles should be done wet and outside). Knifes can be ordered complete or as blade only.

Also available are plain blades if you have your own handle material and wish to make your own sheath. is a great source for the finest examples of burl and other wood. If you are like me, I love the nice wood but don't do leather work, so I get the kit, then order some nice wood and make my own scales (the kit scales make a good pattern) and use everything else from the kit. Lots of options with these kits!

Please e-mail with questions or visit the store to purchase.