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Do you own a small business? We support other small business. If you buy from us we want the opportunuty to return the favor. There are lots of things we want/need and lots of things we don't. But you won't know which if you don't contact us and offer.





Hi Folks, for 2012 I will be updating the site to a modern e-commerce site. This has been a difficult project. I started on Jan 5th nd I have been through 2 different people I hired to do the make-over, but neither one actually did any work, just pointless delays, questions, and excuses. So I am back to doing it myself. You should see changes start to slowly occur on the site.

#2 I am open to ideas and suggestions. If there are other products you think I should carry please let me know. I'm open to anything but like to carry quality things that not readily available elsewhere. Does not have to be bladed items, but of interest to the people (you!) who would like the things I already carry.


I sharpen about anything with a blade!

Omaha Knife is a knife and tool sharpening service in Omaha NE. I will sharpen one knife or a whole box full. I am arranging some drop-off locations in different parts of Omaha. E-mail me to find the location nearest you. If outside Omaha we can give you instructions for safe mailing.

We can pick up and deliver knives for restaurants and other businesses in Omaha.

Click here for some photos of my work.

I have always preferred sharp knives and tools. I have tried many methods over the years, and not all are good. The method I use now was taught to me by a custom knife maker who charges hundreds of dollars for his hand made knives. After buying one of his knives I was able to visit his shop and get hands on training from a master.

Bookmark this site for your future sharpening needs.