Stropping Belt & Gunny Juice 15ml Combo



About the Stropping Belt & Gunny Juice 15ml Combo

Polycrystalline diamonds offer more cutting facets along with being more friable. Because of this, when used as a stropping compound they give a superior polish over mono crystalline diamonds. As they fracture, they create new, fresh, sharp cutting facets.

The diamonds work by sharpening the micro serrations at the apex. Think of your edge as having micro serrations or teeth like a saw. Gunny Juice sharpens in between the teeth not just the point. Gunny Juice accomplishes this by using a proprietary process and formula that produces a guaranteed agglomeration free compound below 1 micron. Above 1 micron agglomeration is less of an issue. Agglomeration is the clumping of abrasives causing scratches larger than the micron size of the individual abrasive. This is not desirable when polishing.

This product also has very tight abrasive tolerances to provide fast and consistent results. The specially formulated carrier used in combination keep the diamonds suspended in the solution indefinitely. We have worked to find the best concentration in order to give that polish, edge aggression combination that youre looking for. Whether you’re trying to just put a finishing touch on an edge, polish or use this for maintenance you will find that Gunny Juice stands out in the industry.

  •  Premium Stropping Belt designed for powered belt sanders.

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