Return Policy

Any purchase can be returned for any reason if notified within 7 days and return shipped within the following 7 days. 

Product being returned for refund will have the original shipping cost deducted from the refund. 

Product with any marks or blemishes, or missing any package contents will also have an additional deduction of at least 10%.  

Return for exchange has no shipping deduction, and replacement is shipped free, but if return is blemished would have that deduction.

Damage from improper packing of returned item is deducted as well.  Returned are best sent back in the same box packed the same way.

Wrong item shipped? It happens sometimes.  Call 402-502-4852 we’ll fix it fast.

Don’t like a detail on a product? Color of the handle of an axe, or pocket knife blade being slightly off center are examples of return requests that can be avoided.   We will exchange those if we have one that will satisfy.  But better yet, when you purchase put a note at checkout, lets us try to pick one that what you what you want. 

Multiple exchanges: Too many exchanges/returns  that we judge as unnecessary will result in us not accepting your future orders.   

This will never be considered with most customers. It filters the occasional person who hates everything, super-indecisive person, person who wants to handle a lot of knives without buying them, but mostly lame small time YouTuber.

How to Return:  e-mail  We only need the persons name who placed the order and the item being returned.

Please include photos if it is a problem with the product.  Also, you are welcome to e-mail photos of a product and you don’t know if it’s normal.  We get a fair number of these.