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Our Sharpening Services

Professional Knife Sharpening Services in Omaha

We have a great reputation for expert sharpening. However, due to health complications, our sharpener is only able to work a few hours a week. To match this we are limiting sharpening only to knives purchased at Omaha Knife. Please understand sharpening of the quality we provide is not easy, so we cannot easily hire another sharpener. Also, we do not know of a good sharpener to refer you to. If any sharpener in the Omaha area would like to show us their work, we would be very happy to refer, if the work meets our standards.

Cost of Sharpening Services



for knives purchased at Omaha Knife. Additional issues may incur additional costs.


for knives purchased elsewhere. 
Additional issues may incur additional costs.



Hair Shears


Hair Shears have particular details that must be done precisely to cut well. We use a machine specifically for shears.


Starts at $10

Varies based on condition and how much metal needs to be removed.


Starts at $20

Varies based on condition and how much metal needs to be removed.


Cost Varies

Due to time constraints, we do NOT sharpen axes unless bought new from us.

Other –

We do not sharpen lawn mower blades or chainsaws

Sharpening Wisdom

Some knives can be sharpened—some cannot.

Work We've Done

The above pictures demonstrate some corrective tip and sharpening work done by our Professional knife sharpener.

Sharpening Wisdom

Drag-through knife sharpeners do more damage than good.