a+ TSPROF Precision Knife Sharpener-BLITZ 360 Complete


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About the a+ TSPROF Precision Knife Sharpener-BLITZ 360 Complete

TSPROF Blitz 360 – the compact guided knife sharpening system. Put a shaving-sharp edge on all your kitchen and EDC knives fast and with no special skills. The cutlery and the abrasive set at an angle to each other, – the sharpening angle. The sharpening angle is accurate. All parts are CNC machined metal. Tolerance compliance is strictly controlled during production. Same level of high precision machining is used in microscopes or the modern machine tool industry.

The sharpening angle is constant all along the edge because abrasive is always horizontal, cutlery rotates around its cutting edge. The sharpening angle is constant on both sides of the cutlery. Rotary mechanism is calibrated from the production. Quality control checks accuracy of the mechanism for each unit. Recommended to use for knives with ordinary size and geometry. Flat grind up to 200mm long and 4.5mm thick. For example kitchen and EDC (Every Day Carry) knives.

– Rotary mechanism, it takes only 2 seconds to flip the clamped cutlery over. Without unclamping
– Stepless angle set
– Compact, foldable, fits to a shoulder bag or kitchen shelf
– Easy installation takes 10 seconds only
– Stone thickness compensator. Also can be used for small, about 0.05°, angle increase on each stone grit change. This technique aimed for better sharpness
– Universal abrasive holder. Allows clamping stones without 45° bevel on side
– Extendable hinge unit allowing to reach 35 degrees by the side
– Digital protractor stand helps to control the precision of the sharpening angle

What’s included:

– Blitz 360 Body
– Universal Abrasive holder
– Diamond plates 5 pcs (Extra coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra fine)
– Leather on aluminum blank
– Dialux Blanc polishing paste
– Digital protractor (Electronic angle cube)
– Digital protractor stand (already installed)
– Permanent marker
– Clamps screw driver 2.0 mm
– Spare parts: bumpers 5 pcs, screws 2pcs, allen wrenches 1.5, 2mm

Body material Aluminum alloy
Clamps material Construction steel
Stand material Steel
Overall dimensions 4.7х 5.1х 5.3″ / 120x130x134mm
Weight of the device 3.3lbs / 1.5kg
Max spine thickness 0.1772″ / 4.5mm
Blade length 1.2-7.9″ / 30-200mm
Blade width for the correct value of in-built angle setup 0.98″ / 25mm
Abrasive thickness 0.12-0.61″ / 3-15.6mm
Max abrasive length 5.9″ 150mm
Minimal sharpening angle (by the side) 8°
Maximal sharpening angle (by the side) 35°