Gunny Shines


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About the Gunny Shines

Gunny Shines

Gunny Shines is a new game changing stone cleaner/honing fluid. It’s a graphene and TiO2 base cleaner with a proprietary formula that helps to lift the metal out of the stone. The fluid is a water base that when used during sharpening it prevents the stones from loading. As sharpeners we are all always looking for better ways to clean our stones. I finally decided to do something about it. Combine this with a Magic Eraser and you will get those stones looking brand new. 


It really only takes a couple drops to clean. And a couple drops to use as a honing fluid. I have been on a constant search for better ways of cleaning stones. Finally I decided to see if I couldn’t come up with something. I am very pleased with the way this has turned out. 


How does this work? 

Well without giving away proprietary information that brings the magic together, it’s the way the graphene and TiO2 is suspended with the other proprietary ingredients that makes the difference. It’s our manufacturing process that produces something that others have yet to do. As you know Gunny Products continually pushes the envelope. Combine this stone cleaner with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it is almost magical in the way this works.