Pride Abrasive Inc 1000/6000 grit 8x2x1 Benchstone (Narrow)


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About the Pride Abrasive Inc 1000/6000 grit 8x2x1 Benchstone (Narrow)

This combination stone from Pride Abrasives measures 8″ x 2″ x 1″. This Pride Abrasives combination stone features a different grit per side and is designed for use with water.

Based out of Bristol, Wisconsin, Pride Abrasives combines nearly 40 years of honing stone production into all of their sharpening and honing products. Utilizing their unique finishing process they make their stones with an ultra-flat finish. Due to their use of high-quality abrasives, their stones cut efficiently and aggressively. Their water stones can be soaked overnight without risk of deterioration and have the perfect combination of hardness and aggressiveness, making a superior product. All of their stones are made with pride in the USA.