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Rick Hinderer XM18 3.5″ Skinny Sheepsfoot Working Finish, Blue/Black G10


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About the Rick Hinderer XM18 3.5″ Skinny Sheepsfoot Working Finish, Blue/Black G10

The Rick Hinderer XM18 3.5″ is a solid pocket knife, made to be used. A workers knife from the highest class. The finish is simply perfect; grip where it’s needed and rounded where it can be. It feels amazing in hand. When opened, the flipper will keep your fingers away from the edge. So during the more demanding cutting jobs, you never have to worry about slipping and ending up on the blade.

The sheepsfoot blade is made from CPM 20CV steel. A type of powder steel, which means that the steel has a very fine structure and remains sharp for a long time. A fingerchoil (finger groove) has been inserted between the flipper and the edge. This allows you to have more control over the blade during the more precise cutting tasks. Striking is the beautiful finish of the blade. This ‘Working Finish’ is in fact quite coarse, so traces of use are hardly noticeable. It also looks really cool.

This is the latest generation of XM18s with the Tri-Way-Pivot system. The knife is enhanced with ball bearings but you also receive bronze and teflon washers to make sure you can decide which bearings system you prefer. There is also a steel lockbar insert which makes the lock even more durable.

When opened, a solid frame lock ensures that the blade stays in place. A characteristic detail for Hinderer is the lockbar stabilizer. This is a round disc on the side of the titanium handle. It ensures that you cannot overstretch the lock. You can keep the XM-18 close with the titanium pocket clip. This tip-down is mounted on the right side, but with a Phillips-head screwdriver you can easily turn it into a tip-up.

The Rick Hinderer philosophy is: A knife is a tool that has to work for you, never the other way around. That’s why Hinderer knives are made to be used. The XM-18 is a perfect example.