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Spyderco C165GPBBK2 Autonomy 2 Black, Black Blade


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About the Spyderco C165GPBBK2 Autonomy 2 Black, Black Blade

The Autonomy 2 took full advantage of the patented design features of the original Autonomy and molded them into a format optimized for everyday utility. Now this best-in-class automatic knife is available in a stealthy all-black configuration with a choice of edge styles.

The ultra-corrosion-resistant LC200N blade is cloaked in a black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating and comes in a choice of PlainEdge, CombinationEdge™, or SpyderEdge™ configurations. The handle liners, clip, and all other hardware follow suit with their own non-reflective black coatings. Ideal for tactical environments where light discipline is a concern, the all-black Autonomy 2 is also a stunning aesthetic expression of one of Spyderco’s most dynamic models.